Here you can apply to become a verified vendor to list items for sale.

No matter if you are selling used items or want to start your own online store, once approved as a verified seller  you can start and brand your very own store!

Heres the best bit…. You can buy and sell with BITCOIN! 

Australian owned cryptocurrency marketplace

 Shop and sell consumer goods using your Crypto. Create your own online store that accepts Bitcoin.

Purchase items

At TCD Marketplace you can use your BTC to   purchase Items posted by   approved sellers!                                                               

Become a Vendor

Apply to become a Vendor and start your own store! Once approved you can start selling for BTC!                                                         

Approved Vendor

All Vendors must apply through a KYC application to ensure buyer safety.  Once approved Vendors will receive the “approved vendor” badge.        

Crypto Billing

All of our Crypto transactions run through the NETCENTS payment gateway connected through WooCommerce.

Anyone can brand and start a store

No matter if you are an online business or simply selling used items, anyone can start a store! Once approved you can brand your store and start selling!

Build your Audience

Through our community reach you are placed infront of tens of thousand of crypto enthusiasts from around the globe.